You know that you have made it as an Ironworker when this happens

There are countless reasons to love being an Ironworker:

  1. I get to point out all the buildings I have built to my kids over and over and over again. I never get tired of that, although my kids are to the point that they finish my stories for me line for line.
  2. We get the girls, unless you’re a female Ironworker. If you’re a female Ironworker you just get anything you want because you are a special kind of badass!
  3. We stay fit year round without going to crossfit (insert crossfit joke here).
  4. All the other trades look up to us, literally and figuratively.
  5. We are first into a job and first out, just like the Marines!
  6. And, we get bridges named after us, at least if your name is Alfred Zampa. He was one bad S.O.B, read his story in the link below. For me, I have had a few porta-potties named after me. #goals

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