Quality Ironworker Tool Holders

You buy crap.

I buy crap.

We all buy crap on the internet. Just the other day I bought a pair of boots off the old interweb. These boots looked awesome, looked like good sturdy leather boots. Unfortunately, when I received them they were made from genuine leather. Now, I feel like I have a keen eye for good quality leather, I mean, I do purchase 18-20 full latigo leather hides a month to make our tool holders with.

The problem is that with photo editing tools and good lighting, a store on the internet can make just about any product look good. When my family started McClure Clan Leathers in 2008 we never dreamed that it would grow to the company that it is today. In fact we never dreamed it would do anything other than make a little extra side money for groceries. Today we employ several full time employees and a couple part time employees, one of which is my son who is only 16 years old. He typically works anywhere from 10-15 hours a week in the leather shop

Ironworker Leather Tools of the Trade

building holders after homework or football practice at night. Working in the family business has been a great learning tool for him. My son understands that at the end of the day, when he stamps our family name on that holder, he is signing off on his work.


“He knows that our holders need to be special too.”

Ironworker Sleever Bar Spud Wrench Holder

He has never been an Ironworker, but he has come to the job site at lunch time with his Mom and seen his Dad and Grandfather climbing columns and walking impossibly narrow steel. He knows that being an Ironworker is not just another job, that it takes a special breed of man to do this work. He knows that our holders need to be special too. We do not advertise, we do not sell retail. Our holders our strictly sold on our website, or Amazon, and the only advertising we have is word of mouth from our customers. I have many things to be proud of in my life, but few things compare to seeing an Ironworker that I do not know on a project wearing a McClure Clan Leathers tool holder.

“Thank you Ironworkers for buying our holders”

I never tell them who I am, or that my family built that holder, and I am always filled with pride when they tell me how great the holder is. Thank you Ironworkers for buying our holders and for giving my family a business that we can be proud of. We promise that you will always be impressed with the quality of our holders. The quality of our holder in your hands will always far surpass what you thought you were buying when you purchased them online.










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