About Us

mcclure Clan leathers

“Twenty six years of Ironwork has taught me that while the trade is hard on the body, it is even harder on your tools! I am a second generation Ironworker. I remember as a boy watching my Dad working up on the high iron and being scared to death. I used to say that I could never be as brave as my father was and be able to do this line of work.

That’s the funny thing about ironwork, it picks you more than you pick it. I also remember that my Dad only used custom made tool holders, unfortunately by the time I broke into the trade the man that used to make his holders was retired. So, I decided that I would make my own. Ironwork is the one trade where it seems that the big companies that make our tool holders have never actually had to use them.

My first couple of attempts at making a good frog and sleever bar holder were less than spectacular. But after much trial and error I figured out some designs that seemed to work perfect. I used those same frog and sleever bar holders for the next fourteen years. During that time I had plenty of people ask me to make them some, and I did, but only for my close friends. Then in 2008 we decided to start McClure Clan Leathers. All of our products are made by hand with much care and effort. You will not find another product out there that uses better materials. All of our designs have been tried and used by Ironworkers in the field, so that we can work out all the bugs before we sell them. From our hands to yours, try our gear you won’t be disappointed.”


-McClure Clan Leathers