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The Diablo Tres Spud Wrench Sleever Bar Holder

The Diablo Tres Spud Wrench Sleever Bar Holder

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  • Made from 10-12 oz. Latigo leather
  • Two layers of leather glued together for extra toughness
  • Stitched with heavy duty 207 thread
  • Has three heavy duty copper rivets that make the belt loop
  • Will fit up to 3″ belts
  • Will hold three spud wrenches from 3/4″ to 1″ and adjustable spuds
  • Carries a variety of tools including bullpins and sleever bars
  • Leather color may vary from pictures.
  • Tools not included

The Diablo Tres Spud Wrench Holder is a unique ironworker tool holder. It’s more than a spud wrench holder.  It will hold up to 3 spud wrenches or this frog will also hold a sleever bar or a bull pin. The laces are adjustable and you can fit them to hold up to a 1″ spud wrench. This will fit up to a 3″ belt.

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